Here at Fizzco, we have 35 years of industry experience. Our extensive skill and knowledge keeps us at the forefront of installation design and we guarantee your design and installations stand out from the rest. So, we’re going to tell you why 3D Motifs are a fantastic addition to any Christmas display in the festive season.

Selfie and photo opportunities

3D Motifs are fantastic at creating Instagram-friendly selfie points and photo opportunities for visitors and passers-by. This is great for your business because it generates free social media marketing and increases footfall from people who want to admire your aesthetically pleasing installation.

Brings excitement and sparks Christmas magic

Nothing taps into our feeling of nostalgia like the festive period, and 3D motifs are excellent at elevating that even further. With Motifs like Large Reindeer, Light Up Baubles, and Giant Present Boxes, visitors are sure to feel that Christmas magic and create excitement for Santa’s arrival.

A great alternative to traditional Christmas lights

If you’re looking for something a little different, 3D Motifs are a great alternative to traditional Christmas lights for adding some sparkle to your business and creating that wow factor. Light Up Present Boxes, Snowflakes, Grottos, and Sleighs add a bit of fun to Christmas Lighting, and when paired together, they are guaranteed to create an installation that is out of this world.

Case study: The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol

Our installation at The Galleries Shopping Centre in Bristol is a great example of how impactful 3D Motifs can be. It beautifully encapsulates the feeling of warmth and cosiness that Christmas brings. Our talented ‘People in Purple’ created a Winter Woodland inspired theme which is the perfect combination of traditional warm tones and pops of green. This installation also features a stunning grotto, a fantastic photo

opportunity for visitors.

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