2006: Fizzco was established in 2006 on a Christmas tree farm in rural Lincolnshire. Local farmer Alfred Rose and aspiring businesswoman Wendy Clarkson started Fizzco as a complementary business to their existing business of selling Christmas trees. Expanding into offering festive and seasonal decorations to suit any Christmas style.

2008: We love sourcing inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. In 2008 we travelled to ChristmasWorld, Frankfurt for the very first time. ChristmasWorld is the world’s biggest trend and order platform for the seasonal and festive sector. ChristmasWorld brings together manufacturers and retailers, as well as major commercial buyers from all over the world. Visiting this event was key in establishing potential suppliers and commercial partnerships.

2011: In 2011 the company directors made their first buying trip to China. Taking a trip to China was filled with culture, inspiration, and possibilities. Visiting potential suppliers, investigating prospective relationships, and all together experiencing a new way of sourcing was enthralling and educational for the team.

2011: As a reward for our hard work Fizzco was nominated for two business awards in 2011. Narrowly missing out on top honours for small business of the year and young director of the year; placing second in both categories.

2012: Fizzco made a special trip to Number 10 downing street in 2012. Number 10 needed a bit more Christmas cheer and we were happy to oblige. Supplying this iconic location with Christmas trees and festive décor any prime minister would be delighted with. 2012 also saw the addition of Russell Brown. Russell helped to diversify the business offering a professional project management and Christmas installation service to Shopping Centres, which has made us who we are today, a market leader in commercial Christmas installations.

2013: This year things started to change. The business diversified again, and we completed our first official commercial installation. This small but important installation in Lincoln set the precedent going forward.

2014: Fizzco Projects launched in 2014. Our expansion into offering a project management service was driven by horror stories of displays not being installed on time, centres receiving poor value for money and display providers not living up to expectations. So, we decided to do something about it. Our plan is simple – to strip the process right back to basics with a strong focus on delivering original decorative concepts and a promise to provide you with greater decoration coverage.

2015: As Fizzco starts to grow our commercial lighting and installations, we established a key relationship with Italian lighting designer and supplier Idolight. Idolight is a global industry leader in lighting realization design and solutions in the universe of LED light decorations for urban spaces, commercial areas, buildings, and events.

2016: Fizzco were awarded a great contract with the INTU network, the largest shopping network in the UK. With 17 shopping centres around the UK. We currently fit out INTU Watford and Chapelfield, Norwich.

2017: As a flourishing business it was time to grow our family, 2017 saw the addition of serval key members of staff including new project managers, designers, and decorators.

2018: Similarly, to 2017 we had outgrown our current facilities so expanded storage solutions by renting a 5,000-square-foot warehouse. Sometimes even Santa needs to expand his workshop.

2019: It was time to consolidate facilities under one roof, investing in a 10,000-square-foot warehouse just outside Lincoln allowed for the merging of resources, all stock and staff are now all together.

2020: Our business grew even more in 2020, Acquiring another 5,000-square-foot warehouse which now features our year-round showroom. Our team grew by an additional 5 members, and we made it through a year that will go down in history.

2021: Fizzco Maintenance launched to provide a full range of facilities management services, carried out by our experienced in-house teams.

2022: We completed 52 large-scale commercial displays from Scotland to London. In 2022 Fizzco was also nominated for two business awards. Narrowly missing out on top honours for Business Leader of the Year and Rising Star of the year.

2023: Onwards: In February we attended both ChristmasWorld, Frankfurt and Spring Fair, Birmingham to expand on our existing relationships with suppliers and potentially build new reports with up-and-coming suppliers. We are looking forward to the year ahead and are continuing to expand.

Black and white image of wrapped Christmas trees against the building outside.
Black and white image of Fizzco staff members stood outside Fizzco, holding a union jack flag.
Black and white image of Fizzco's old site on a Christmas tree farm.
Black and white image of Fizzco staff members cheering on a hill covered in snow.
A black and white image of the oustide of Fizzco's office building.
Black and white image of Fizzco's two directors stood underneath a light up arch with Christmas display products in the background for the official launch of the new Fizzco Christmas showroom.

“Once again Fizzco sparkled at the Corn Exchange, adding some magic with their traditional Christmas decorations for the Victorian building. Customers loved the centrepiece Christmas tree and ‘JOY’ lighting which became the image of our Christmas campaign. Thanks to Wendy, Russell, and the team at Fizzco for making everything so easy. We are already looking forward to working on Christmas 2017.”

Leeds Corn Exchange

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