Earlier in the year, we were asked a few questions about how last year went for us and what we will do differently in 2021. We thought we would share our answer with you to give you an insight into our business.

How did Christmas 2020 go for your business?

This Christmas has been one for the history books! We have faced a couple of trials and trepidations this year, but the highs have been way higher than the lows. As an owner managed business, our ‘can do’ attitude has been more valuable than ever this year. It has not been all sparkles and bright lights; it has been many late nights and early mornings. Still, we move into 2021 with a refreshed outlook, extremely stable finances, and more insight and experiences in areas we never thought we needed.

What kind of impact did it have on your business and has it changed your strategy?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought about a tremendous amount of uncertainty over the last year. Plans made in January and February were thrown out the window and new plans made throughout the year continuingly evolved. Perhaps the most significant impact on our business is managing our customer relationships and changing our project management processes. Some clients were worried about the decline in rents, foot traffic and consumer spending, meaning we had to produce a more efficient strategy and method of allocating finances and resources. The experiences of 2020 will filter into an altered business strategy and a more flexible approach when creating Christmas and seasonal displays for shopping centres.

The subsequent lockdown(s) meant our operations strategy was fast-forwarded and in May 2020 we launched our 5,000 square foot Christmas showroom, with plans to double the space in 2021. The showroom allows clients to visit in person or virtually with our 360 scans. We felt it was imperative to give our clients increased security through being able to ‘see before they buy’.

What do you think Christmas will look like in 2021? Will it be a return to normal?

From a retail perspective, we suspect Christmas 2021 will be better than normal due to an increase in consumer spending instore; the physical experience of going to your local shopping centre was something many people missed in 2020 and will appreciate more than ever this year.  Overall Christmas 2021 will be bigger, brighter, and better than ever. Because this Christmas many families and friends had to spend the special time apart, we predict Christmas 2021 will be extraordinary.

What can we take from Christmas 2020 to Christmas 2021 a success?

Christmas 2020 has taught us many things, but the two most important is that businesses of any size have to modify and continuously adapt to survive and thrive more than ever before, if you want to stand out from competitors, you cannot be afraid be to try something new.  It is easy to get stuck in the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” syndrome, but 2020 has taught us that you need to be focused on exploring and executing those new ideas, trying new things, and innovating creative ways to successfully do business.