Fizzco have been doing much more over the years than just supplying, selling, and installing Christmas decorations 365 days a year – we have been consistently raising funds for charities right across the UK.

Locally, Fizzco has partnered with the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Charity, helping the fundraising programme via their decorative ‘giving’ stars and snowflakes. These 2D decorations are available for local businesses and the community to sponsor, raising funds for charity, and then displayed prominently for everyone to see and enjoy.

“This year we will be installing LED stars, ranging in size from 80cm to 145cm, in several hospitals across the county, including the Lincoln County Hospital Maternity Wing, and both Boston Pilgrim Hospital and Grantham and District Hospital,” explains Fizzco founder and Company Director, Wendy Clarkson.

In addition to having created 45 installation partnerships with shopping centres and other prominent venues across the country, the staff at Fizzco take their work a step further; gifting some of their products, time and labour free of charge to help charities with their fundraising activities.

“For the past three years, we have worked with the Crystal Peaks shopping centre in Sheffield, installing ‘giving’ snowflakes, helping raise funds for The Children’s Hospital Charity. Last year we helped the Charity raise over £250,000 through the snowflake appeal, which helped fund a brand new Cancer and Leukaemia ward at Sheffield Children’s Hospital,” explains Wendy.

“This venture has grown and we now install their snowflakes at four different locations across Yorkshire.”

“Changing lives isn’t easy or cheap and finding sponsorship for most charitable organisations can be tricky. This is where The Children’s Hospital Charity has created a unique and highly rewarding sponsorship idea that has raised much needed funds. We are thrilled to support and work with such a dedicated team, and we very much look forward to raising even more funds for this Charity in 2021,” explains Wendy.

In addition to supporting the snowflake campaign, Fizzco donated a 7ft pre-decorated Christmas tree as a raffle prize to the Alhambra shopping centre in Barnsley, helping to raise over £5,000 so far this year for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).


Spreading Fizzco’s Christmas cheer further

In Tyne & Wear, Fizzco is donating a range of Christmas products, including 100s metres of icicle lights, numerous two-metre hanging decorations, a decorated garland, a feature LED arch, and a giant Christmas tree – as well as gifting their labour and installation services.

“We are thrilled to support Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums in creating and delivering immersive events which help the museum and archive service reinvest in their learning and community programming,” explains Wendy.

Fizzco’s involvement with the Leeds Hospital Charity helped raise £30,000 in their first year and they are extending their help again this year, which includes donating their time, labour and equipment. Fizzco also donates a ‘giving’ Christmas tree to the Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre and installs lights on the ‘giving’ tree outside the Light Leisure Centre.

Other charitable tie-ups include supplying the Scottish charity, Link Living, with 15 ‘giving’ stars ranging from 65cm to 145cm.


So, look out for Fizzco’s ‘people in purple’, who are tirelessly working across the country to deliver Christmas decorations and goodwill every step of their way.