Fizzco always invests in products of the highest quality to ensure longevity. The production of our brand new LED items grants a considerable CO2 emission reduction and energy saving up to 85% compared to the past.

100% recyclable and reusable. Our sustainability management plan means we ensure we recycle as many materials as possible. Fizzco has created a sustainable product range. Our LED products are entirely dismantlable, recyclable and reusable, so Fizzco has established and grown a sustainable product range. This second-hand range features commercial display products that have been reborn and revived. This guarantees that products are upcycled and used multiple times,  reducing environmental damage- A crucial part of Fizzco’s long-term sustainable strategy.

Reuse packaging for the shipment and storage of products to reduce packaging waste and dispose of it in an eco-friendly way to help keep the earth green. We aim to reuse as many boxes as possible, as many times as possible. In addition, we are reusing materials for different purposes, such as using left-over cardboard boxes to ship and store some of our products, helping to reduce waste and prevent the further unnecessary use of natural resources.

We also use an Electric vehicle for client and site visits and are completing an Environmental and carbon emission audit in 2022 to identify potential areas for improvement.