When it comes to decorating for Christmas, the Scandinavians are experts in elegant simplicity and minimalism. Scandinavian Christmas decor is all about creating a serene and inviting atmosphere that is guaranteed to keep your business looking fresh at bright. Here at Fizzco Projects, we have created the ultimate guide to a Scandinavian Christmas in your business, so decorating for the season has never been easier.

Choose a Neutral Colour Palette

Scandinavian Christmas decor is characterised by its neutral colour palette. With whites, creams, greys, and natural wood tones, your employees are sure to enter a serene and calming environment. These colours reflect the winter landscape and provide a clean canvas for other festive elements.

White Snow Holly Bauble

White Glittering Shatterproof Tree Top Star

Pair of Skis With White Fur

Natural Elements and Greenery

With simplicity at the centre of Scandinavian greenery, why not embrace the natural greenery of Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths. Remember that less is more, with a couple of natural or wooden statement pieces and white and neutral colours. You could even embrace the fully natural look, with a bare tree or simply just a few tree lights for a minimal ambient look.

Soft and cosy textiles are key to complimenting your greenery when creating the Scandinavian look. Add faux fur or knit textures in neutral tones to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Nobilis Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Luxury Pine Range With PE/PVC Mix Foliage

Indoor & Outdoor Mixed Foliage Grandis Fir Green Garland

Hanging Decorations

Paper snowflakes and DIY decorations are popular in Scandinavia. They like to embrace their personal style and add that homemade touch to their décor. Paper snowflakes and twig hanging decorations are great at creating that DIY look in your business, or you could even encourage your team to create their own to spread some Christmas cheer around the office.

Squared Rose Starflake

Rattan Star Hanging Decoration

Frosty 28cm Brown Ball Room Hanging Decoration

Scandinavian Table Settings

Natural elements are key to creating the ultimate Scandinavian look. Wooden décor is a popular choice in Scandinavia, so it’s important to bring the outdoors in with pinecones, branches, and wooden decorations to beautifully compliment the white and bright decorations. Pair pinecones with candles to create a fantastic Scandinavian Christmas table setup.

Pack Of 20 X 10cm Strobus Pine Cones On Wire

Antique Bronze Finish Glass Candle Holder

Frosted Leaves With Pine Cones Spray


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