Sustainability is at the heart of Lincoln-based Christmas specialists, Fizzco. With Climate change rapidly rising and the future looking more and more uncertain, they want to ensure they are doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint and create as little waste as possible. That is why they have created their dynamic ‘Phoenix Range’ which features commercial display products that have been Restored and Reborn. This guarantees that products are upcycled and used multiple times, reducing environmental damage.

As a seasonal business, display contracts end, and schemes change. So, rather than various grotto props, selfie points and lighting structures sitting in their warehouse, they want other locations to enjoy the schemes that they have worked so hard to create. As a part of their Phoenix Range, they have created complete schemes that are of high quality at affordable prices so that no one will miss out this Christmas. Thanks to the Phoenix Range, Fizzco have reduced over 2000 new lighting products and counting from being used by selling and replacing them instead with refurbished LED products.

Any venue can be transformed with Phoenix Stock’s high-quality refurbished lighting solutions. Their refurbished stock ranges are usually products that have served a three-year contract and are now ready to add sparkle to a new location. To maintain the highest standards, their lighting professionals refurbish, clean and safety check all their ex-hire products ensuring that you receive top-of-the-range equipment; you might even mistake them as brand new.

Fizzco’s sustainability goals

Fizzco have subscribed to Zellar Platform for assessing and planning progress towards a more sustainable business. This platform helps them measure their current sustainability performance and creates a plan with tangible actions to deliver on their sustainability commitments. Their sustainability goals are to reduce carbon emissions, achieve net zero across the business by 2030, and to reduce their waste to landfill and water usage.

Sustainability actions taken

Many actions have already been taken across Fizzco, with sustainability as the driving force. To name a few, they have invested in energy efficient green technologies to reduce their energy consumption, they review an energy efficiency checklist monthly which contains top actions that drive down their energy consumption, and they always ask for the environmental policy of their suppliers. It is important for Fizzco that their suppliers take sustainability seriously and question those who do not show any awareness or commitment to sustainability.

The next step for the company is to switch to an electricity supplier that sustainability platform, Zellar, have confirmed is “deep green”, with 100% of its electricity procured and generated from the same renewable energy sources, as soon as the current contract expires.