With sustainability becoming more and more important for businesses, we would like to introduce you to our dynamic Phoenix Range that has been restored and reborn ready for sale or hire.

Phoenix Stock is our ex-hire range that is 100% reusable and our LED products are entirely dismantlable. This guarantees that products are upcycled and used many times, reducing environmental damage. Our product range includes commercial lighting and LED products including 2D and 3D Lit motif decorations in a range of sizes. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, styles, textures, and colours.

Sustainable Schemes

As a seasonal business, display contracts end, and schemes change. So, rather than various grotto props, selfie points and lighting structures sitting in our warehouse, we want other locations to enjoy the schemes that we have worked so hard to create. As a part of our Phoenix Range, we have created complete schemes that are of high quality at affordable prices, so no one will miss out this Christmas.

Frozen Sky Scheme

Our Frozen Sky Scheme will make your Shopping Centre sparkle. Featuring large hanging decorations, including both 2D and 3D Snowflakes, and a large Grotto, this Scheme is bursting with festive magic and is sure to create an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Festive Chic Scheme

Our Festive Chic Scheme is one of our largest sustainable schemes and is now available to purchase at a reduced cost.  This Scheme includes an extensive range of features including giant 2D Snowflakes and 2D Blue Bows and Ribbons as well as a Giant Tree, and a Wintery walk-though arch. Perfect for providing selfie opportunities for customers to enjoy. This Scheme is also full of elegant, hand-decorated flocked wreaths and garlands, styled with orange, purple and blue baubles.

Rainbow Wonderland Scheme

Our Rainbow Wonderland Scheme gives you something a little different. This unique installation features large hanging decorations, 3D Chandeliers, 2D Snowflakes, and a Giant LED Christmas Tree. It incorporates bright and bold colours which are guaranteed to make an impact in any setting. This Scheme includes a range of both indoor and outdoor commercial lighting solutions. These products can be used individually or combined to create an engaging visual experience.

Precious Metals Scheme

Bring warmth and elegance to your Shopping Centre with our Precious Metals Scheme. This Scheme includes large, bespoke LED Chandeliers, 2D Snowflakes, free-standing Vases and a stunning ultra-realistic 8-metre Artificial Tree decorated in silver and gold baubles. It is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary with geometric motifs, and the metallic tones provide a stylish contrast to bright the Snowflake Motifs and bright white Curtain Lights.

Winter Star Scheme

Our Winter Star Scheme is incredibly versatile and is guaranteed to light up any location. The centrepiece is a giant walkthrough star box, creating the perfect backdrop for Christmas photo opportunities and it can even be transformed into a festive grotto. This Scheme includes bright white curtain lights, perfect for creating fantastic window displays, lighting balconies, and adding some extra sparkle to exterior facades. It also features various 2D star motifs in two sizes.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our sustainable schemes or would like to find out more information, enquire now by calling 01427 666029 or email us at [email protected].