Now that Spring is here, Mother’s Day is on the horizon. Why not celebrate in style this year and create a floral display for your business that mothers will love? Here at Fizzco Projects, we have curated a selection of floral products and sprays to help you create a display that will give thanks to all the Mothers around us.


Greenery is a great option to have as a backdrop to a floral display or to simply brighten up your space this Mother’s Day. They look fantastic when placed in hanging baskets, on doors or even around windows. We recommend our Hanging Maidenhair Fern and Hanging Springeri Bush, or if you’re looking for something a little smaller, our Eucalyptus Spray and Green Amaranthus Spray are wonderful at creating a larger impact.

Flower Sprays

Bring the delights of Spring to your business this Mother’s Day with our Flower Sprays. They are perfect for adding height and vibrancy to any floral display and are fantastic for creating floral wreaths to hang on walls and doors. This is sure to add a touch of elegance to your business.

A product image of a fake lilac floral spray. A product image of a pink floral spray.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are a fantastic option for creating a bright and vibrant space that lights up the mood of everyone nearby. With a wide range of vibrant colours, this décor choice is sure to be an option that Mothers will love. You can hang them on walls, use them as table centrepieces or hang them outside as a part of an outdoor Spring event. We recommend our Yellow and Gold Paper Rosette Flower, our Pink Paper Rosette Flower and our Yellow and White Paper Rosette Flower to really brighten up your space.

A product image of a yellow and orange paper flower. A product image of a pink paper flower.

Floral Arch Bench

Our Floral Arch Bench is the perfect addition to any floral Mother’s Day display. It created fantastic selfie opportunities with loved ones and can be customised to any colour scheme. The addition of Festoon Lights above the seat adds that extra sparkle to create the perfect selfie lighting and gives the bench versatility to be used both day and night.

A floral arch bench featuring pink and white roses, greenery sprays, and warm white festoon lights. A floral arch bench featuring pink and white roses, greenery sprays, and warm white festoon lights.

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