Over the years, our ‘People in Purple’ have completed installations up and down the country. So, as the commercial installation professionals that live and breathe Christmas, we are experts at ensuring that your business stands out from the rest.

With 35 years of industry experience, we have seen with our own eyes just how fantastic large-scale Christmas Trees are at bringing that wow factor to Christmas installations. Large-scale Christmas trees can take your installation to the next level because Christmas Trees are the most quintessential Christmas decoration used during the festive season. They are an iconic statement that everyone immediately associates with Christmas. The bigger the tree, the bigger the view, and ultimately the bigger the wow factor the display creates. Christmas trees tie all the elements of the display together creating a loud, attention-grabbing impact for everyone to enjoy.

Case Study: Chantry Place Shopping Centre, Norwich















Our installation at Chantry Place Shopping Centre in Norwich brilliantly showcases how large-scale Christmas Trees can take Christmas installations to a whole new level. This LED Christmas tree embodies a modern and contemporary design through lighting and completely sways away from the traditional green Christmas Tree.

Outside the Shopping Centre, we have installed three light-up gold Christmas Tree silhouettes that are a perfect photo opportunity for visitors and passers-by. Inside the Shopping Centre is a large-scale gold cone-shaped Christmas Tree with white stars. The tree towers high through the middle of the Shopping Centre, becoming a main focal point for the installation.

What We Can Do For You

Whether you like a modern and contemporary Christmas Tree design or prefer to stick with a traditional green Christmas Tree, we are here to bring your vision to life. We can tailor-make our Christmas Trees to suit any location, size requirement or budget. Our Christmas Trees are available either decorated, pre-lit or even without lights. They are available in a range of sizes starting from 3 metres all the way up to 7 metres tall.

Large-scale Christmas Trees are perfect for a variety of locations including Shopping Centres, Hotels, Town Centres, and Christmas scenes.

If you’re feeling inspired and would like to discuss ideas for Christmas 2023, contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.fizzcoprojects.co.uk.