Do you want to bring the magic of Christmas to life?


Lighting is one of the simplest and quickest ways to add that festive sparkle. As the Christmas lighting experts, we have over 35 years of industry experience and have created five simple ways to use lighting to add some Christmas magic.

Light up Christmas Wreaths

Pre-lit wreaths are great for decorating any space. from office doors to centrepieces in a shopping centre. Lit wreaths are a fantastic option for any location, with the twinkle of the lights illuminating the greenery in a simple yet effective way. We suggest adding some shiny baubles into wreaths for a more traditional look.


Light up Present Boxes

Light-up Christmas gift boxes are a fantastic way to light up the bottom of a Christmas Tree, a seasonal window, or a shop display. They add some festive sparkle that is sure to catch the eyes of passers-by eagerly waiting for Christmas. Our trio of Gold and Red Indoor Lit Parcels is a great way to bring this idea to life. For something on a grander scale, a Giant walk-through present box is also a fantastic addition. These giant 3D motifs can be installed indoors and outdoors creating the perfect selfie opportunity. A fantastic example of this can be seen at our installation at Woolshops. Here, the giant gold present box glistens and sparkles creating a magical festive atmosphere.

Light up Reindeer motifs

A great way to add Christmas magic and incorporate Santa’s Sleigh into a display is through light-up Reindeer Motifs. They are incredibly versatile lit products and can be displayed individually, or in groups of mixed sizes to create a realistic display. Our installation at Fox Valley Shopping Centre is a great example of how Reindeer Motifs can spark Christmas excitement. The installation included a 7 Metre Reindeer which stood loud and proud as the centrepiece. A perfect selfie-point for visitors and passers-by.


LED Stars

LED Stars are perfect for brightening up any space indoors or outdoors. Using 2D and 3D star motifs can create a simple yet bright atmosphere. LED Stars pair well with Christmas greenery such as garlands, which add a natural and sophisticated look. You can create this look by using our LED Norma Star to bring the Christmas magic to life. A great example of how LED stars have been used is at our installation for United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, where we installed various LED stars across Lincolnshire. The display shows how a simple arrangement can bring the exterior of a building to life.


Curtain Lights

LED Curtain Lights are extremely effective at creating Christmas magic. They create the perfect illusion of falling snow and create a wonderful feel of a Winter Wonderland. You can create this look yourself by using our White LED Curtain Lights and bring that twinkle to any indoor or outdoor space. Our installation at Cornhill, Lincoln is a great example of how simple curtain lights can bring an exterior to life by creating a captivating and exciting atmosphere.