When you think of working in a Warehouse, you often think of picking and packing orders. But here at Fizzco, working as part of our Warehouse Team you get to embark on a whole range of activities. So, we’re going to walk you through a day in the life as part of our Warehouse Team to show you all the exciting and unique things our team get involved with. 

Decorating Christmas Trees

One of the many things we do here at Fizzco is design and decorate Christmas Trees for various businesses throughout the UK. Businesses can choose from our wide range of Bespoke Christmas themes to ensure they get something unique and that matches their branding. In this case, one of our wonderful clients has chosen to fill their ship with our Santa Suit themed Christmas Trees! So, on this ‘day in the life’, our Warehouse team had the fantastic task of decorating Christmas trees all day! A wonderful day at work if you ask me.


Once the trees were assembled, they started by wrapping our wonderful bright White Lights around the Christmas Trees to ensure each tree had that festive sparkle. Then they got the exciting part of making the Santa Suit theme come to life by adding the decorations – how exciting!


The Christmas Trees were decorated with Red Glitter Regal Swirls, Candy Canes, Red and White Glitter Stockings, Red and White Lollipops, Red Bows, Red and White Presents, a wide range of Red and White Baubles, and a Red Tree Top Star to add the finishing touch.


Once the Christmas Trees had been beautifully decorated by our team, we must then ensure they stay that way and get to our clients in one piece, so the work isn’t done just yet. Each Christmas Tree was carefully wrapped for safety to ensure nothing got broken and was ready to be collected to bring Christmas to life for our wonderful clients.


If you are interested in recreating this theme or would like to browse our full range of themes we have to offer, visit https://www.fizzcotrade.com or contact us at [email protected] to get inspired.