What Accessories do I need for my product?

Our products vary in terms of colours, power supply and connections meaning they need different accessories such a plugs, extension leads, transformers and adaptors in order to work safely and correctly. Please contact our technical lighting team for advice on what lighting accessories you need for the products you are interest in. You can either email [email protected] or call on 01427 666029.

What does Ex-Hire really Mean?

Fizzco install Christmas Decorations for Shopping Centres, commercial buildings, and town centres across the UK. These Christmas installations are typically based on a long-term hire period; meaning contacts last several years. After the contract has concluded, Fizzco retains ownership of the products meaning we can then hire or sell these products as part of our Ex-hire range.

How are the products quality checked?

To maintain the highest standards, our lighting professionals refurbish, clean, and safety check all our products, ensuring that our customers receive top-of-the-range equipment. The refurb process includes re-dressing, re-stringing, and a full PAT test, which means all products are checked for earth continuity, lead polarity, and insulation resistance of the appliance.

What is a ‘IP Rating’

You will notice in the product descriptions of our product there is different ‘IP ratings’ One of the most significant considerations when using and installing commercial lighting (especially outdoors!), is how safe and reliable the product is. But how do we find this out? There is an IP rating associated with the most commercial lighting products, but what does this mean? The IP Code or ‘International Protection’ Rating consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. This code classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, accidental contact, and water in electrical enclosures.

What is the different between Low Voltage and Mains Voltage?

Christmas lights are available in both mains voltage and low voltage. Mains voltage lights run at 230v, and low voltage has a transformer, reducing the voltage down to 24v from 230v. Mains Voltage lights require a rectifier to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).

What does LED  mean?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  LEDs are far more energy-efficient, and the life span of an LED lighting is much longer than traditional lighting. We currently sell a vast range of LED lighting colours.

What does Static mean?

This term refers to different lighting functions. “static” means that when the lights are turned on, all the lights come on and stay on. There is no flashing, twinkling, or chasing effects.

What does Flashing mean?

Flashing lights means all the lights turn on and off together. Different flashing speeds can be set from the control box.

What does Multi-Function mean?

The lights have a control box that offers multiple settings. For example, the lights could twinkle, flash or all be on at once.