It is widely known that colours impact everything from the emotions we feel, the size of a space, and the mood of a space. And each year, the trending colours change and with some much different information and inspiration out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, leading design firms and brands make it a little easier with their indispensable knowledge of trends in the industry. This year they have revealed their top colour trends for 2024.

Earthy Tones

When we think of earthy tones, we think of tones derived from stone and the earth. Earthy tones are a colour scheme that draws from a colour palette of browns, tans, warm greys, and greens. From nudes and beiges to taupe and terracotta, there are many different colours to choose from when using earthy tones. Our favourite Christmas decorations colours included in this colour pallet are Ebony Brown, Terracotta Brown, Stone Grey, and Rosewood Brown.

Warm Neutrals

Neutrals tones and colours are known for creating a cosy atmosphere while also providing an excellent foundation to pair with other colours. Neutrals can bring a sense of calm and balance to your home while also giving you a blank canvas to add colour, texture, and pattern to your home. Our most popular neutral colours for Christmas decorations are Antique Ivory, Cream, and Pale Brown.

Romantic Reds  

Figuring out where to start with the colour red can be difficult because there are many tones of hues to choose from. For example, there is scarlet and crimson, cerise and magenta, maroon, carmine, claret and burgundy, and carnelian and cherry and cardinal red. The list could go on to say nothing of ruby red and wine-red, rust-red, rufous-red, terracotta-red. But for 2024, we want to focus on bright red tones.

Glorious Greens

Pale greens or grey-green tones are a must-have colour this year. Incorporating these colours into your Christmas décor adds a sophisticated wash of colour that create a subtle yet stunning statement. If you want to achieve this look, we suggest using colours of Christmas decorations like Pearl Green, Sage Green, and Olive Green.