Fizzco are a team of innovators and creators brought together to deliver extraordinary events. Designing, constructing, and installing bespoke visual displays for any commercial environment. Our approach is characterised by the personal touch, working collaboratively to develop a unique and unforgettable experience.

Whether it is Christmas, Valentine, Easter, Halloween, or a one-off event, our forte is creating dynamic and spectacular commercial displays that are engaging, innovative and memorable. Our retail displays focus on three main functions: Creating an Immersive visual display, Generating dynamic and atmospheric environments, and accentuating each location’s unique and existing aesthetic.

With over 35 years’ experience in commercial visual display management, our imaginative ideas and innovative approach ensures each display meets our customers’ requirements, reflects the latest trends, and aligns with each customer’s individuality. No matter the occasion, location, or budget, we work with you to create an extraordinary and awe-inspiring event.

We offer a range of creative and commercial Place Making solutions to enhance environments creating both immersive and engaging environments. We consider everything from the scope and scale of facilities, demographics, target audience, and critical footfall areas. Our customer’s needs reflect the latest trends whilst aligning our designs with each location’s individuality and ever-changing customer base.

We all know that first impressions matter, so why not create a statement for your event, venue, or special occasion. Our visual display production service is a combination of visual merchandising and display manufacturing. This service is a solution that offers commercial companies tailor-made visual displays for any location or budget—encompassing everything from in-store displays for retail, exterior or interior designs for leisure centres and hospitality venues or producing branded visuals for a commercial event. We understand that no two customers are the same. We pride ourselves on creating unique and bespoke designs to suit our customer’s different needs, executing all design proposals to absolute perfection.

Every event, occasion and venue is a blank canvas that can be transformed into a unique and spectacular photo opportunity – not only making a statement for those who visiting in person but to ensure backdrops look fabulous in a photo to be shared across social media platforms. Whether for an event, shopfront installation, awards dinner, charity night, launch event, conference, business lunch, special anniversary, wedding, or large-scale commercial display, we always take a bespoke and artistic approach to every project.