The question we get asked by almost everyone is, “What do you do the rest of the year?” Most people wonder what a Commercial Christmas Display Design and installation company does the rest of throughout the year, and think we surely cannot be busy 365 days a year when Christmas is just one day. Think again!

As we all know, what goes up must come down. In 2021 we had over 50 creative display partners, including Shopping Centres, BIDS, Leisure Centres, Town centres, and Town councils, from Scotland to London and everywhere in between, so in January our installation teams are taking down the installations we put up the previous year.

Once the Christmas installations are down and safely back in our warehouses, the year starts with numerous procurement trips between February and March to source the biggest, best, and brightest products for the upcoming Christmas. We can find inspiration in the smallest and strangest places, so the whole team can explore trade shows both within the UK and abroad to ensure we stay ahead of the trends. Also, during this time, our account managers visit new and existing clients to start planning proposals for the upcoming Christmas.

Once all orders are placed with our suppliers, it’s time to start work on production. This involves manufacturing, building, and decorating. Because we offer a range of products from individual baubles, Shopping centre Christmas lights, Shopping centre decorations, commercial and wholesale Christmas decorations, and extravagant seasonal lighting installations, we are busy quality checking, refurbing, and redecorating displays throughout the spring and summer months. Changing styles and colours that suit our clients and create something their customers will not forget. On top of the physical production side, our designers work tirelessly to deliver festive and innovative proposals for a wide variety of clients.

The year soon flies by, and by the time August rolls around, it’s time to start receiving all those orders we placed way back in February. September through to October will see the warehouse fully stocked with our new products ready for Christmas. During this time, trade sales have started, and we are picking, packing, and delivering Christmas decorations around the country.

Once October starts, the Christmas madness and excitement starts to ramp up. Our professional installation teams are working through the night to transform centres across the country into magical displays. Our warehouse is running non-stop to pack orders and deliver all Christmas Decoration requirements, including Tree Decorations, Fairy Lights and more, in time for Christmas. And before we know it, December 25th has come around again.