Trends are changing all of the time, whether you are an avid follower or prefer to stick to your own style, they will be affecting everything from the clothes that people are wearing to the decorations that hang from all the trees. This year the Christmas trends have already been decided and they are looking right up our street! Take a look at what’s popular for 2024 and let us know which theme you’ll be adopting this year.


The Pantone colour of the year is in fact, two colours! A vibrant yellow and a classy grey. The grey colour is what has influenced the monochrome look that is going to be popular this year. For this theme, use chequerboard and Dior as inspiration and let your Christmas decorations ooze 80’s elegance. If you wanted to use this theme to craft your perfect tree then try using a black or white artificial tree and decorating it with black, white, and silver decorations. You’d be surprised how these massively contrasting shades can work together to make a show stopping statement in your home.

Nature Inspired

According to Forbes, 77% of people want to learn about how to become more sustainable, with 93% of people surveyed indicated having a general concern for the environment. These huge statistics make it clear that nature and our environment are going to become a huge inspiration for the products that we intend on buying and displaying. For Christmas displays, we are expecting a trend towards nature inspired decorations to develop. These include a focus on materials as opposed to design, with renewables such as cork, jute, grass and bark taking centre stage. The variety of natural textures gives a rustic look that is honest and naturally beautiful. Just like the monochrome theme, this trend celebrates simplicity, although with nature providing the colour palettes such as greens, golds and rustic browns.

Joyful Colours

Whereas the previous trends are fairly minimalistic, 2021 has also provided us with a theme that injects a bit more fun into Christmas. This next theme is an ode towards the playful colours that bring us joy, so pick your favourite colours, jumble them all together and create a unique design based on bold, vibrant tones that can be extended throughout your home. For creating a colourful Christmas tree, use a real version or any coloured artificial tree that you can think of because with this theme, there really are no rules. Scatter coloured baubles and decorations on your tree and throughout your home but try to stick to the same palette of colours where possible to integrate each room into the theme.


Some items are just created to be able to stand the test of time and will never become outdated no matter what other new trends develop. That’s why retro will always work, however, for 2021 this theme is particularly on-trend and has been popular with general home-design. Whether this is due to the air of nostalgia that comes with retrieving vintage items or a desire to achieve a more unique look, this trend has been catching on and is showing no signs of stopping. The retro theme will continue to show promise for this year’s Christmas decorations, with retro-inspired decs making a comeback in people’s homes. For inspiration look back at old photos of Christmases long ago and try to emulate the decorations that were once popular when you were a child, who knows your family might even still have some stashed away.

Creamy Tones

Most likely to have been a biproduct of the wellness trend that has affected our home interior design, the final theme this year is soft, creamy tones. Think whites and creams in cosy textures of wool, felt and velvet to help you drift off into a cloud of Christmassy tranquillity. Decorations can be anything from a snowy reindeer to a bouquet of white floral picks draped around your fireplace. As long as you keep it cosy and classy then you’re all good to go with this straightforward and fuss-free theme.

2024 is providing us with a varied but quality selection of trends to chose from so pick your favourite from this bunch of tempting themes to create the ultimate festive display and be ready to show off your trendy home.