With over 35 years’ experience in festive lighting design and installation, you will struggle to find a company with more experience and knowledge surrounding seasonal lighting. Our festive Lighting range features both indoor and outdoor commercial lighting solutions perfect for any location or occasion. Seasonal lighting is an excellent way of creating an emotive and atmospheric environment that drives more visitors and customers to your venue or business, creating more opportunities for customer engagement. When developing a concept for shopping centre Christmas lights we consider everything from the scope and scale of facilities, customer demographics and critical areas of footfall, guaranteeing each display effortlessly simulates the businesses or venues desired marketing message.

The Christmas period is a crucial time for businesses and standing out is more important than ever. Christmas light displays have become an essential part of showcasing your business. Commercial outdoor Christmas light displays can revitalise exterior spaces, produce a unique look, and enhance security and functionality. Adding indoor or outdoor Christmas lights to your business has benefits including creating a stronger brand, Highlighting the buildings unique aesthetic and architecture but perhaps the most important is that festive lighting and commercial Christmas light displays can be used as a highly effective marketing tool through making your location a must visit destination during the holiday season.

Our range of professional outdoor Christmas lights are an innovative lighting system meaning we can create lighting displays even easier, quicker, safer, and more creative. Our festive lighting system is specifically conceived for our products, this means there are significant reductions in installation times and maximum ease during staging phases, allowing a decrease of risks and costs, meaning more time can be spent enjoying the lighting display and less time detangling and assembling. Our festive lighting products create engaging visual displays perfect for the festive season or for adding a little extra sparkle all year-round.

Our products are sourced from some of the world’s leading commercial lighting suppliers. We have spent many years building essential and trustworthy partnerships with lighting suppliers ensuring we can supply our customers with products of the highest quality. Our product range comprises a wide range of LED products, featuring 2D and 3D decorations of any size including LED stars, snowflakes, angels and more. Our festive lighting products can be used individually or combined with other Lighting products to create an engaging visual experience. We can create bespoke lighting pieces explicitly tailored to your design or provide catalogue products designed by a unique and innovative technical team. If you need information or a quote for commercial lighting installation, please contact us.

Our experienced and professional install teams pride themselves on meticulously completing all projects, on time, safely and to budget. Seeing the design come to life is by far our favourite stage of the process. Our professional installation teams ensure our customers business transformation is seamless. Exceeding all expectations, not only our clients but their customers too.

For more information or to arrange an on-site visit, contact us on 01427666029 or email [email protected]