When decorating and styling your event, business, venue, or location, it is essential to consider how interior and exterior lighting can, directly or indirectly, affect the appearance and atmosphere.

Our latest  blog provides an overview of the impact lighting has on atmosphere and inspiration for using lighting to make your venue not only look good but create a wonderful, vibrant, and engaging atmosphere.

Different lighting styles can have different effects; making the space brighter by using lighting that can create stronger emotions and a sense of energy, while dimmer lights can have a calming effect. For a more intimate gathering, choosing more subtle lighting fixtures is an excellent way to create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. For something more extravagant, go bigger, brighter, and bolder by mixing and matching lighting styles.  Whether you want modern, contemporary, rustic, or something unique, you can achieve any look and adjust any space’s appearance just by adding lighting.

Two of our favourite lighting styles to create a memorable atmosphere are Connectable Icicle lights and Connectable Festoon Lights. Icicle lights can be utilised for exterior and interior purposes. Hanging icicle lights from the roof inside is a unique way to utilise these types of lights. This lighting style will create a hanging crystal effect; this design will look like real icicle drops. Similarly, Festoon lighting is hugely popular and is also incredibly versatile, it provides the perfect atmospheric lighting wherever you need it. Festoon lights are ideal for many special occasions—trendy for weddings and outdoor venues. Festoon lights work well alongside more traditional fairy lights in wedding marquees and venues and fit incredibly well with vintage or retro wedding themes.

The colour of lighting you choose also has a significant impact on the overall feel and look of the location. Using warm white lighting creates a comforting or cosy atmosphere. On the other hand, lights with a white glow can create a more energized mood. If you are looking for a particular lighting colour, you can use our innovative filtering system on our Connectable Lights website to find your perfect lighting colour.

Something else to consider is the added safety benefit extra lighting provides. Regardless of the type of atmosphere you wish to create through lighting, it is essential not to forget the lighting’s functional and safety aspects, especially when installing outdoor lighting.