Fizzco has been Chantry Place’s Christmas partner for five years, and our latest creation is out of this world! In 2020 they had a new scene which completely transformed the shopping centre.
This particular scheme includes different Christmas decorations in royal blue and gold. This colour combination is a stunning and lavish design.

The ever-popular gold decorations complemented and contrasted by deep blue tones is charming, stylish, and sophisticated. This Christmas theme is a contemporary scheme that oozes elegance in any setting.

This starry display includes 90 different festive features, 49,500 LEDs icicle lights, 15,000 LEDs of curtain lights, 30 LED star decorations ranging from 1 metre to 5 metres, over 2700 metres of decorative blue and gold tinsel. The main feature of this display was three 5m walkthrough stars which were placed outside the main entrance for a fantastic photo opportunity.