Our Strengths

What you see is what you get!

At Fizzco Projects our main strength is executing design proposals to absolute perfection.

It’s very easy to use computer software to create designs that look spectacular during the presentation phase. The skill is making it a reality!

We work tirelessly on our installations and always carry out, what we call, the ‘Before and After’ test to ensure the final installation accurately reflects the initial design proposal.

We like to be judged this way and won’t be happy with the installation until you are!

“As an outdoor centre it is difficult to develop a theme as well as remain practical, whilst creating magic for the Christmas season.

“Many contractors tried to give me what they thought I needed, rather than what I wanted. Fizzco “got” exactly what atmosphere and experience we were trying to create for our customers.

“They have created a theme which will be sympathetic to the historic site, which The Woolshops is placed, whilst adding Christmas magic and a bit of sparkle for our customers and retailers.

“We are all looking forward to the decorations being installed and watching the reactions of customers and retailers. Thanks to Fizzco Projects for putting it all together. ”

Testimonial from – Samantha Crowden, Deputy Centre Manager
Woolshops Shopping Centre